Thursday, 29 September 2016

The Inside Out. My latest illustration for Andrew Kozma's short story in July's issue of Interzone Magazine. © Warwick Fraser-Coombe 2016.
My banner designs for author Tarn Richardson's Darkest Hand Trilogy characters, Inquisitor Poldek Tacit and the Chaste's, Sister Isabella. © Warwick Fraser-Coombe 2016.

© Warwick Fraser-Coombe 2016. Robot Wars! Or something. Just for fun pin up. Thinking about offering my services, painting kids portraits with giant robots. What could go wrong? Book yours now!

Thought Bubble 5-6 November. New Dock Hall. Table 135. 

That's where it happens!

I'll be there with Ade Brown hawking my wares. 
So pop over, buy a book, or just say hello!
 My Green Hell , an infernal triptych. 3 A1 prints. .

                                         Part 1 of 3. Wrym Eater © Warwick Fraser-Coombe 2015.

Green Hell. 2 of 3. The Invisible Hand. © Warwick Fraser-Coombe 2016.

Green Hell: 3 of 3. Spent Bullet Messiah.  © Warwick Fraser-Coombe 2016.

All images are a massive A1 in size and will available in prints, as a collection soon. 
If you're interested please get in touch.

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

MCM London looms large. 27-29th May at London Excel.
I'll be flogging copies of the Shadow Constabulary and gory prints and such at Comic Village table CK8 (wherever that is. I haven't seen a map.)
If you're in town, come over and say hi!

Saturday, 7 May 2016

More fan art. Portfolio pin up piece. I had lots of fun doing the Joker! © Warwick Fraser-Coombe 2016. Original is about A2 size.
Feel free to share!